He must teach; but he may make severe the ordeals.
— The Book of the Law, I.38

Welcome to the new website of Golden Triangle Temple, still under much renovation.

In 1973 a crack in the fabric of reality appeared in Western Pennsylvania. One newborn individual promptly decided to escape from the maximum security paradigm ...

Golden Triangle Temple is a magical study and initiatory group located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. It is the social and organizational manifestation of the magical work of Shawn Knight, occult researcher, lecturer, and dabbler.

Golden Triangle Temple consists of magicians, seekers, metaphysicists, troublemakers, and guerilla ontologists in collaboration with Shawn to explore, discover, interpret, and improve upon the reality around them. The members come from a variety of spiritual paths but tend to share an interest in metaphysics, magick, mysticism, and fun.

Golden Triangle Temple was first founded as a chartered Study Circle-Temple of the Lodge of the Sons and Daughters of Aaron, a lodge of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Egyptian Initiation (Memphis-Misraim). We remain warmly associated with the Lodge and its ideals of Scientific Illuminism and metaphysical exploration. We also have a connection to Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis, an organization of gnostic bishops and groups in free communion.

Membership in Golden Triangle Temple is by invitation only.